Mostly we prefer camera should be stationary during capturing images because shaking camerasgive blurry and unacceptable results. Solutions to overcome this problem are generally hardwarebased: vibration isolators are integrated to system and according to sensor outputs, system stabilizeitself. However, this solution is so expensive and undesirable because of the cost and sophistication.There is also one more solution to this problem which is software based. Software stabilization isbecoming improved better day by day and used widely in the world. By the help of it, you don’tneed a complicated physical environment and spending a lot of mony. As Yongatek, we are alsoworking on this issue and developed a software solution to solve the problem. We have 2 kind ofsolution: offline solution and online solution. In offline solution, we are stabilizing a video whichwas recorded before. In online solution, we are stabilizing camera video output in real-time.

Where do you need camera stabilizer solution ?

  • Surveilling camera systems on vehicles(cars, ships etc.)
  • Drone surveilling systems
  • Video recording systems