Today we are all familiar with cameras and how they work, thanks to our mobile phones. One of the most important features of cameras is focusing. I can assume we all know what focusing is but as to define simply: focusing is that finding an optimal sharpness for a given subject in your target view. What if this optimal sharpness is not satisfied ? Then images become blurry and these images are generally irreversible. However, sometimes people really need the details in these blurry photos and these details are usually texts.

What causes blurry images ?

There are three main reasons which causes image to get blur: hardware based, user based and target based reasons. Let's talk about these reasons separately in order to look into more deeply.

1- Focus Range Limit

Focus range limit is based on the camera hardware and lens. This limit decides that which distance interval camera can focus, in other words which distance interval we can see detaily, clearly.

Implementation of how camera’s focus range limit looks like [1]

A picture which is taken in out of camera focus range

2- Camera shake

Camera shake is one of the most common reason to get blurry images. This is usually caused by user or other environmental issues.

Eiffel Tower picture taken by a shaky camera [2]

3- Target motion

Since the world we are living inis dynamic, we can not always expect our photo target to be stationary. This is one of the biggest problem in photography. If your target is moving fastly, its really difficult to get sharp photos.

A picture taken when the target is moving fastly

Where and why will you need this solution?

As Yongatek, we are offering solutions to get readable texts from blurry images caused by the reasons explained in previous section. In which cases do you may need this solution ? Some cases are listed below.

  • Criminal cases: There is no doubt photos are used mostly as evidence in criminal cases and they figure out many questions. What if some important labels, texts are unclear or blurry in a taken image ? Since you can not turn back time and recapture the photo, you need another solution. In this present case, our solution comes out.
  • Highway passes: We all know how fast cars are passing in highways. Offices on highways and polices are monitoring these cars and trying to detect car ids by checking camera records. Since cars are so speedy, the records become blurry and they can’t get the required information. By using our solution, they can reach the car ids information quickly and clearly.
  • Product label reading in factories: Sometimes production chain should be really faster in factories. At the same time, their system should record and read the labels on the products in this high speed pass, so they need a high speed camera which is expensive solution or need our software solution which is cheaper one.

How does our solution works ?

Les have a look at how our solution works to make clear some texts in the picture samples which we showed before:

Deblurring caused by focus range limit

Blurry image taken in out of focus range of camera

Deblurred image by our solution

Deblurring caused by target motion

Blurry image taken while target is moving

Deblurred text