iZCi - Video Tracker

iZCi is an Automatic Multiple Object Tracker which provides simultaneous tracking of multiple arbitrary objects in real world environments. With ease of integration to any Reconnaissance and Surveillance System, iZCi brings up Target Tracking capability without interfering actual system architecture.

iZCi module is designed to tackle the compelling situations posed by unconstrained, real life environments and bring longrunning research activities out of the laboratory to living world scenarios.

iZCi can be adopted to any Military or Industrial application where high frame rates are of concern.
Distinctive performance exhibited over current video trackers by its redetection performance during occlusions and other complex scenarios makes iZCi mission proven where precise timing is critical.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simultaneous tracking of multiple arbitrary objects in real-world environments
  • Supporting two modes of tracking: Target (Point) / Scene (Area) Track
  • Real Time Operation with high acquisition and processing rates (up to 100 fps)
  • Robust and adaptive target modeling for rapid scene changes
  • Superior performance for obscured scenes and occlusion handling
  • Secured performance during continuous FOV changes
  • Compatible with various imaging sensors Short/Mid/Long Wave IR & Visible Light
  • Supports multiple tracks simultaneously
  • Expansion option for higher number of multiple tracks with add-on modules
  • Expansion option with automatic track initialization module
  • Expansion option for image stabilization during tracking
  • Standalone operation for pc or embedded platforms