Edge Computing Unit (ECU)

Yongatek Edge Computing Unit (ECU), as placed on a drone/AGV or could be stationary, is used for counting products or materials in warehouse environments. By means of a camera located on ECU, images of the environment is first captured, then sophisticated image processing algorithms are applied on the images in order to distinguish between materials and ultimately to count them.

ECU utilizes 4G/5G cellular connection to transfer the processed data (counting results) to the Centre Station through 4G/5G base station.
In our demonstration case, we use an ECU on a drone, to exploit the low latency and high throughput nature of the 5G Communication support.

Key Features:

  • 10-Minute-Long Mission Assignment to The Drone
  • Image Capturing with Stereo Camera at 30 FPS from 1.5-2 meters distance.
  • Counting with low error rate with high performance AI Algorithms
  • Communicating with Centre Station via 5G Link:,
    • Sub 6 GHz
    • Downlink: 2.4 Gbps
    • Uplink: 500 Mbps
  • Inventory Monitoring at Centre Station with GUI