Yonga Technology Microelectronics R&D, YongaTek‘s “Real-Time Multi-Camera Industrial Computer Vision System” project is funded by TUBITAK TEYDEB under “1507 SME R&D Start Programme Support”
This project is the 1st TUBITAK TEYDEB project of YongaTEK.
The project started on 1st of March 2015 and continues for 15 months.
The main objective of the project is developing companies know-how on Image and Video Processing to reuse in future Defence and Industrial computer vision projects.
Industrial computer vision quality control applications are very popular among European industries and becoming popular day by day also in Turkey.  Current solutions are created by a few local companies and mainly based on commercial known softwares. The project aims to create a smarter computer vision library to use in quality control applications. The main development environment will be OpenCV and C++. The developed algorithms will be optimised by using OpenCL.